Journalist Education

Part of BMSG's mission is to help journalists improve their coverage of public health issues by asking better questions about the real rates, causes and solutions of public health problems.

Because we research news coverage from our public health perch, we often uncover potential story ideas and new questions for reporters to ask. Reporters can find research-based story suggestions within our publications on breastfeeding, children's health, childhood nutrition policy, the sale of soda and junk food in schools, school shootings and other violence among youth, intimate partner violence, paid family leave, and child care.

Although journalist education is the smallest component of BMSG’s work, we have partnered with journalists and journalism professors to create tools and bring training on public health perspectives directly into newsrooms. See details from our Reporting on Violence project. Additional resources, including media contacts, are available in our newsroom.

Reporters, producers or editors interested in having us do a training for them or attending a workshop should contact


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