Making the case for healthy school environments

Berkeley Media Studies Group is providing resources and technical assistance to help the Transformative Schools Network (TSN) communicate more clearly and effectively about their efforts to revitalize school environments around the country.

TSN consists of more than 40 organizations, including many community-based grassroots groups, working to develop and pass comprehensive school health and wellness policies that address diverse but interrelated issues including healthy school food, equitable funding and infrastructure, and students' physical health and safety needs.

As part of their communications team, BMSG is helping TSN communicate not only with opinion leaders who have the power to shift school policy, but also with residents, community leaders and others whose support and engagement is vital to the success of healthy school policies.

TSN is project of the Communities Creating Healthy Environments (CCHE) initiative — a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with leadership and technical assistance provided by The Praxis Project, a national nonprofit organization that addresses systemic reasons for community problems.

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